Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun with my new Toy

Meet Chloe and Casey

I just bought a Flip Video Camera and while I am not quite ready to start my own production company, I do, however, feel pretty much the same as I did when I got my first cell phone (only I'm not hiding behind racks of clothes in a department store like I used to because I thought someone might think I was pretentious and snobby because I owned a cell phone which, by the way, was about the size of a brick!) FYI - my little video camera is smaller than my first cell phone actually. But - this - this is MAGIC! I feel like I've just entered into a new dimension...like being on the Starship Enterprise where Captain Kirk can teleport me anywhere I want to go in the blink of an eye - to BOLDLY go where no man has gone before!! (Simmer down....I'm still talking about the camera!) This little piece of technological ingenuity has opened up a whole new world of possibility! And now....my family lives in fear. Here's why (and I quote):

"Oh my goodness.....Mom is on FaceBook. Did you know Mom was on FaceBook?"

"Oh great - someone gave her a digital camera AND she's on FaceBook."

"Who told Mom about the Flip Video Camera? What?? She saw it advertised on FaceBook?"

"Are you KIDDING ME?? She has her own YouTube account?"

Yeah....I'm pretty excited.

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