Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Newlywed Game returns to TV

"Carnie Wilson, the Wilson Phillips singer who hosted her own talk show and appeared on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club," is slated to host 40 episodes of a new GSN edition of the show where newly married couples answer questions to find out how well they know each other.

Are you as totally excited about this as I am?? And I'm pretty sure my hubby will be just as happy - he {loves} endures my love for games! Give me a SCRABBLE board and a glass of wine and we can have the game night of all game nights! Having friends over? Bring out the TABOO! But this brings a new level of excitement to "our" love of games. many times do I need to be reminded that I am not a genius...thank you JEOPARDY. But we'll rock the newlywed game - oh yes we will because my hubby and I know everything about each other....I think...I mean, he does know where we went on our first date, doesn't he?? And I'm pretty sure he knows my favorite flavor of ice cream...maybe. And what I wore on our honeymoon night...right? He'd surely remember that, RIGHT?
Hmmm...who needs marriage therapy when we will soon have The Newlywed Game!

The new edition of "The Newlywed Game" premieres April 6. It will feature an updated set and a new bonus round with couples who have remained married since appearing on the show."
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Commercials WORK!

I saw this on TV last night...I will own one by tomorrow!
A case of advertising dollars well spent! Good job Revlon.

No way was I going to buy "The Ped Egg" even though I needed one. I don't know why - maybe because "As seen on TV" makes me skeptical from the get-go or maybe because I just can't grasp the image of an egg on my foot being a good thing. I'm funny about eggs. I like eggs, don't get me wrong. But when I see that commercial where the woman proudly proclaims she only uses the BEST eggs for her son, uh-hem...."The Chef", and then she presents a plate of BARELY cooked eggs where the yolks look exactly like they do when they first hit the frying pan, I want to gag. In fact, I have to look away because, in that case, the commercial makes me want to NOT buy eggs. I think she should leave the cooking to the chef. But I loved eggs (especially in a cake!) long before that visual assault so I resort to my own internal commericals where eggs are involved....and they are yummy.

I will have more to say about commercials next time but for now - can someone tell me where my Geico Gecko went??
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Entire Month Dedicated to PANCAKES!

Who knew?? Not me!! Where have I been? I just discovered what a lot of people, apparently, already knew and that is ... February is Pancake Month! in...Officially! I am now the happiest the whole U.S.A. (Oh yes ...there is actually a song called "I'm the Happiest Girl in the whole USA" and the following line starts with "Skip-a-dee doo da, thank you Lord". If you ever want to hear the most annoying song ever - one of those "I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY BRAIN SONGS" - well, why would you want to do that?). Back to my point - PANCAKES! HAPPY!!

I like mine smothered with Mrs. Butterworth's syrup and not the light variety. If you're going to have a pancake, this is not the time to make any type of compromise or try to justify the binge by using 'sugar free' syrup or anything less than the thickest, most buttery syrup you can find. And speaking of butter - please, sir, may I have another! Lots of butter is a must and don't even dare try a non-butter substitute that promises to lower your cholesterol. NOT TODAY! Today - we celebrate the people of ancient times who, perhaps by sheer accident because of the lack of a non-stick skillet, created a delicacy that we honor with, not just a single day, but an entire month! So here's to you - Flapjack, Fritter, or just plain o' I lift my fork to you in shameless, sweet, syrupy celebration!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Engagement Anniversary to ME (oh..and him)

My hubby is crazy or as Holly Hunter said in "O Brother, Where Art Thou" - he's 'bona-fide'! A certified, bona-fide crazy man! I fell in love with this man as soon as our cosmic comic sides collided. He makes me laugh...a lot! And he thinks I'm a hoot! Now granted....not everyone finds the humor in many of the things we think are so funny but we think they're the misfortunate ones. So - here's my point. Today is the celebration the day he proposed to the parking lot of the Quick Trip Convenience Store. WHAT?? Not romantic?? I beg to differ. You see....we had developed this routine of going to the QT on Wednesday nights to get a cup of cappuccino - mmmmm......self served, piping hot right out of the convenient nozzle (thus, the title "Convenience" Store). We talked about getting one of those fancy cappuccino machines where we could brew one for ourselves any time day or night.
So - it was another Wednesday night and I plopped myself down ( can take the girl out of the country, but....) in the soft leather seats of the passenger side of his very pretty European car. It was a beauty - well, he loved it - I couldn't understand why he didn't just want a pick-up. :-) When we got to 'our' QT he put the car in park and I opened my door. He said "hold on just a minute...I've got something for you". NOW...what do you think I thought he had for me? Two days before Valentine's Day?? YES - I thought he had truly bought me my very own CAPPUCCINO MACHINE!! I was so excited!! And then.....well, the rest of the story is history. I still call my diamond ring my cappuccino machine. And we laugh. And other people still don't get us!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it just me or are addicted to Cash Cab too?

I've never really been a Game Show Junkie but I do love one in particular – Cash Cab!! I am addicted to this one. It's become a ritual for me and the hubby - which means it's scheduled fun - so that counts as a date, right? HA! makes me happy – like, strangely happy. Unsuspecting passengers get in, what looks like, a typical New York yellow cab. Ben Bailey, the taxi driver, ducks his head a bit making him appear to a hunched over old man, greets them in one of his many fake accents and right when they are settled in for the ride….BAM – flashing lights come on overhead and Ben turns around and cheerfully announces “You’re in the Cash Cab….a game show that takes place right here in my Taxi!” And I can’t wait to see their reactions. Some know the show well and are just giddy with excitement while others look suspicious and question the validity of this bizarre situation. It’s these skeptics that I enjoy watching the most. At times they look guarded and even annoyed but agree, sometimes condescendingly, to play Ben’s little game. The questions start off easy and the captured contestant typically answers the first few correctly and…”well, that was easy”, you can see them say to themselves but they are not yet fully engaged to the point of outright fun. Yet, as they weave through the city traffic and the random trivia questions proceed to get a little more challenging their body begins to engage with their minds. Their expressions turn from sophisticated to silly and then they’re hooked! They’re happy…I’m happy…it’s another win/win. Even when they lose….Ben manages to make them see that the FUN was the game itself. I love fun!! :-)

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