Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Votes are in...I'm OFF the Charts!

That sounds like a good thing, right? If someone tells a Rock Star his latest song is 'off the charts' he's thrilled, right? Or when your honey says "baby my love for you is's off the charts (ok, sometimes I have these crazy dreams....whatever!) - that would be a really good thing, right? But when your chiropractor says it....not so much. FYI - I rarely go to a doctor and I haven't been to a chiropractor since I was two - yeah...the pain was severe!
My doctor has some piece of equipment that looks like it's right out of Star Trek. She starts scanning my back and I hear beep after beep. Then she says...and I quote:
"Let's look at your scan. We're looking at the amount of swelling in the areas you're feeling pain. Yellow means moderate, green means mild and red means severe. Yours are the charts".
I'd love to tell you this pain came because I had attempted some amazing atheletic feat and, while I may have come away with a few bumps and bruises or even a broken bone or two, it was totally worth it - that it was, in fact, just the price of victory. Sadly, it is not the least bit glamorous. So here it is - my words of warning...MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER MONITOR IS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU. You force your muscles to their limits by twisting in an unnatural position for hours on end....and you too can be told you are "off the charts". I don't advise it. Move the monitor!
The good news is...I've gotten some pretty nice neck messages from hubby. At this point I'm not sure I'll tell him when the pain is gone. :-)
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Clearly Says "Omelet Pan"

Hubby and I love, love, love weekend brunch and would dearly love to experience it every other day of the week but there’s that little thing called ‘work’ that keeps cramping our lifestyle. Nonetheless – I'm talking about a slow, laid-back kind of day where we drink coffee till 10:00 a.m. and follow it up with, what he refers to as, a ‘country girl breakfast’. That means biscuits and cream gravy, strawberry jam and scrambled eggs with cheese and, just for that extra bit of tasty, caloric delight….bacon. AHHH – bacon. So we talk about how yummy that would be and reminisce about the days before we knew what ‘carbs’ were. Then we agree that, perhaps, we should stick to omelets – which we love and since I’m from Texas – I, naturally, top mine with pico de gallo. Now THAT is what I call good eatin’!

So – here’s the point…..we decided to go shopping for a bona-fide omelet pan. Sure, you can cook them in a traditional non-stick pan that you’d use for grilled cheese sandwiches or salmon fillet but what if we had a pan that was made specifically for cooking omelets? How distinguished we would feel and how magnificent those omelets would surely taste. SO…off to “Kitchen Gadget Store” (I love the store but am not so sure the employees are the sharpest knives in the drawer – kitchen humor – ha!). Hubby and I walk the aisles in search of the HOLY GRAIL of omelet pans since we have committed to less carbs, more protein. Alas – there it was. I picked it up and it said in big, bold letters “Omelet Pan”. It was beautiful and shiny and EXPENSIVE which had to mean something wonderful. As mentioned previously, hubby doesn’t love (abhors) shopping so this meant our trip to said store had come to an end. We proceed to the checkout counter with treasure in hand. The young man, whose job was to scan item, collect money, and bid us a heart-felt “have a good day”, says “Yea…this is a ‘good pan’ but I hear EGGS STICK TO IT”. I looked around to see if we were on one of those hidden camera shows – or if Ashton Kutcher was crouched behind the register!! I’m thinking about contacting Alanis Morissette to ask her to re-write her song….”Isn’t it Ironic”?
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's Tall, I'm Short...It just works!

I'm 5'2" and that's with my Texas hair - he's 6'5". We gets "looks" when we walk through the mall...which is rare because hubby hates to shop!! But we are a "sight" and people ask strange questions - well, some they never really come out and ask but they certainly imply that they are wondering. I just stop them and say...."we're the same height laying down".
That pretty much brings a screeching halt to the conversation!

There are several advantages to being married to a tall guy....I don't have to keep a step stool in the kitchen, he can clean the ceiling fans without standing on a chair and we are pretty awesome at vollyeball. Ok - he's awesome but I have a pretty good serve - alright's not all that great but whatever! But - I discovered that his height is not always a blessing - at least not to ME because I had NO IDEA what was on the top of my refrigerator!! Do you know what's on top of yours? Let me tell you....if you haven't looked in over a year, well.... I'll just say that if hubby and I are coming over to your house - I'll give you fair warning!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Swim With The Opposite Sex Could Lead to Scrabble

I grew up going to summer camp and I LOVED IT. I learned ‘oh so much’ at camp (some of which I’ll just leave to your imagination….ok, sadly, it really was just "PG" rated but it sounded risqué for a minute). Contrary to my view of the opposite sex today, in those days I saw them strictly as competition. I despised the phrase 'you’re pretty good….for a girl'. That was like throwing gasoline on a bon-fire and caused me to scream obscenities like 'Oh yea? I can whip your butt in ping-pong!' I should stop right here and tell you that saying "butt" in my house growing up was cause for immediate grounding. Did I mention I was a preacher’s daughter? More on that topic later.

So when it came time for 'girls' swim' (because who knows what mischief would have happened if 12 and 13 year old boys and girls swam together under the watchful eye of 10 camp counselors…..well, then again – maybe they did know ) I quickly scurried up the TREE (yes, tree…..we swam in the river) and headed for the diving platform. That’s when the shouting began….."You can’t go up there….that's the BOY'S diving platform". “OH NO YOU DIDN’T just say that!!”

Years later I became an excellent diver, I parasailed UPSIDE DOWN, and I still play a pretty wicked game of ping-pong. Yes….I still have a competitive streak but today when my husband asks if I want to play ping-pong or tennis or Scrabble (our own version - know what I mean!) it’s because it’s just want to have fun. And quite frankly, you’d be surprised how MUCH fun it can be….. when you just use that imagination.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lights, Video Cam, Action!

Ok - seriously...I may need to start charging the FLIP FOLKS to advertise for them. I have to tell you - I've truly flipped for the FLIP ( cliché but I can't help myself).

The fun was catching the brides-to-be by surprise and asking them a certain question - if you want to see their reactions and answers I'll just let the video do the talking!