Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life Lessons from Stone Mountain

2008 has been a Wonderful year for Personal Growth!! How’s that for a positive point of view? Hey…it’s better than saying 2008 was a miserable year and I’ll be glad when it’s over. Ok…I’ve actually said that but I’m looking for that silver lining.

Truthfully, as I now reflect 2008 and Stone Mountain has taught me so much about life (yes, it's a mountain made of stone and you can walk the 1.25 miles up - it's spectacular but a real booty kicker if you're aerobically challenged). I liken this lesson to a moron…..excuse me, a PERSON who, on January 1st loudly proclaims "this is going to be the year I get into shape" (by the way, my mom told me ‘round’ is a shape – I kind of like that one). So, this "person", being a slave to fashion conformity, dons (don, you in "Don we now our gay apparel…fa la la….") his Nike jogging pants, New Balance running shoes, a pair of polarized Aviator sun glasses and heads to Stone Mountain to join the other 1, 224 proud owners of new running gear who have made the very same New Year's resolution. Yep…you’ve seen him. The one who does those annoying warm up toe touches and windmill stretches making sure everyone sees him. Then suddenly, he hits the ground in a full sprint because he's decided there will be no pussy-footin’ around. He truly believes he can just RUN up the mountain when, for the previous 11 months and 30 days he hasn't so much as taken the trash to the end of the driveway without having to stop and catch his breath at least once. He envisions the crowd cheering and the music crescendoing as he reaches the summit – like the great Rocky Balboa. Yes, this is the same guy you pass who is standing with his hands on his hips, head bent down gasping for oxygen, mumbling something about “breaking in new shoes” as you methodically pace yourself in a steady rhythmic walk because YOU, at one time, were ‘that guy’. It sounded like a good idea as he announced his intentions to everyone in ear shot – we like to call it “accountability" because if we say it aloud then surely, it shall be SO. There might even have been a time in days of long ago that he could have sprinted his way to the top and not felt the pang of muscles that had atrophied or, at the very least, been comfortably hibernating. But today…not so much!
Ok – you ask, "WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LIFE LESSONS FROM 2008?" Not really anything. I just love watching those people and, because I’ve learned to look for the positive in any situation, I usually say something like "good for you...hang in there” or ‘Hey...nice sun glasses!!’ That usually cheers them right up. :-)
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Angela said...

I think that there is a great life lesson in this, akin to the tortoise and the hare: slow and steady is a solid approach in any endeavor.

Sometimes projects/dreams lend themselves to the "full court press;" however, starting small and putting one foot in front of the other, taking on one small piece of the journey at a time, is often the surest and gentlest approach to getting to the top. The sprint-then-heave, sprint-then-heave technique may still get you to the top, but you will be absolutely miserable in the process.

For me, the goal is two-fold: get to the top, but enjoy the journey getting there.

Duchess O'Blunt said...

Have you ever thought of becoming a writer? You have a wonderfully clear, forthright vision! I'm looking for someone who wants to write for my newsletter, just for the heck of it....want to be that someone? Actually, we have a court over there you should consider joining. It's called budding authors! Just kidding (kinda!)
I have to agree with Angela too, slow is sometimes the best way to go! Speaking from personal experience with major projects, slow is sometime unavoidable - because no one else seems to be able to keep up!
Anyway, as usual, I love your posts!

Denée said...

It is ALL about the journey. Period. Enjoy the view from wherever you are - even if it's bent over heaving for the oxygen!! least we're out there going for it, yeah?? :-)