Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Waxing Philosophical Y'all

So I was enjoying an amazing climb up our neighborhood mountain - and might I add it was truly one of those spectacular days weather-wise especially given the fact that one week ago it snowed ALL DAY LONG. But the temperature on this day was a perfect 72 degree with low humdity. So I was kind of a bit more 'in tune' with nature because I wasn't wiping sweat off my forehead nor was I tucking my hands in my sleeves because the wind picked up and suddenly I was freezing. Nope...it was pristeen and perfect.
Here comes the 'deep thought' portion of the show...seriously, and you know I'm not all that into 'seriously'. A woman was trying to take a picture of the skyline of the city off in the distance and I heard her say "I'm trying to get the big picture and the camera's auto-focus is focusing on the tree in front of me". Kind of like....I can't see the forest for the trees? Here....cool picture for visual effect.

WOW...it really made me go into some kind of meditative mode thinking about how often I have looked at the small 'issue' in front of me and did't see the beauty of the Big Picture. I think I'm going to disable that 'auto focus' in my brain and enjoy the view. And yeah....this is free of charge. You're welcome! :-)

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