Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Swim With The Opposite Sex Could Lead to Scrabble

I grew up going to summer camp and I LOVED IT. I learned ‘oh so much’ at camp (some of which I’ll just leave to your imagination….ok, sadly, it really was just "PG" rated but it sounded risqué for a minute). Contrary to my view of the opposite sex today, in those days I saw them strictly as competition. I despised the phrase 'you’re pretty good….for a girl'. That was like throwing gasoline on a bon-fire and caused me to scream obscenities like 'Oh yea? I can whip your butt in ping-pong!' I should stop right here and tell you that saying "butt" in my house growing up was cause for immediate grounding. Did I mention I was a preacher’s daughter? More on that topic later.

So when it came time for 'girls' swim' (because who knows what mischief would have happened if 12 and 13 year old boys and girls swam together under the watchful eye of 10 camp counselors…..well, then again – maybe they did know ) I quickly scurried up the TREE (yes, tree…..we swam in the river) and headed for the diving platform. That’s when the shouting began….."You can’t go up there….that's the BOY'S diving platform". “OH NO YOU DIDN’T just say that!!”

Years later I became an excellent diver, I parasailed UPSIDE DOWN, and I still play a pretty wicked game of ping-pong. Yes….I still have a competitive streak but today when my husband asks if I want to play ping-pong or tennis or Scrabble (our own version - yea...you know what I mean!) it’s because it’s just want to have fun. And quite frankly, you’d be surprised how MUCH fun it can be….. when you just use that imagination.
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