Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Votes are in...I'm OFF the Charts!

That sounds like a good thing, right? If someone tells a Rock Star his latest song is 'off the charts' he's thrilled, right? Or when your honey says "baby my love for you is's off the charts (ok, sometimes I have these crazy dreams....whatever!) - that would be a really good thing, right? But when your chiropractor says it....not so much. FYI - I rarely go to a doctor and I haven't been to a chiropractor since I was two - yeah...the pain was severe!
My doctor has some piece of equipment that looks like it's right out of Star Trek. She starts scanning my back and I hear beep after beep. Then she says...and I quote:
"Let's look at your scan. We're looking at the amount of swelling in the areas you're feeling pain. Yellow means moderate, green means mild and red means severe. Yours are the charts".
I'd love to tell you this pain came because I had attempted some amazing atheletic feat and, while I may have come away with a few bumps and bruises or even a broken bone or two, it was totally worth it - that it was, in fact, just the price of victory. Sadly, it is not the least bit glamorous. So here it is - my words of warning...MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER MONITOR IS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU. You force your muscles to their limits by twisting in an unnatural position for hours on end....and you too can be told you are "off the charts". I don't advise it. Move the monitor!
The good news is...I've gotten some pretty nice neck messages from hubby. At this point I'm not sure I'll tell him when the pain is gone. :-)
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I vote you don't tell hubby. Let him figure it out.
Thanks for the tip, I will make every effort to keep the monitor where it should be.
Sorry about your charts. Couldn't you have at least stuck with red?
Hope you are feeling better soon (sshh we won't tell the hubby either!)