Monday, April 13, 2009

Judge NOT!

Seriously...I consider myself a pretty low-maintenance kind of girl. Ironically, I'm writing this from my time share condo in a beautiful Caribbean island but that's just because my hubby insisted on this purchase and because I love and respect him so very much...I didn't argue. :-) But...I'm not into designer labels - if the purse if pretty and functional, I'll buy it. Shoes? I just want them to be cute and comfortable. Actually, truth be known....if I could wear sandals or flip flops all year long, I would. Really?? $800 for a pair of shoes because some group of marketing boys decided to put Mr. Big Deal's name on them and convince the world that THIS leather is worth more than THAT leather?

But I discovered a while back that I'm very particular about my coffee....mug. Not the coffee so much...the mug. I do NOT like a dainty, fancy china cup. I do not like short mugs. I do not like a cup where the lip swoops outward. I don't like a thin rim. I do NOT like styrofoam or a metal travel mug.

I want a BIG ceramic mug, with some fancy art-work that holds at least a pint of coffee!! Is that too much to ask?? WELL?? IS IT??

So as I sit here in my beautiful condo with every amenity a person could ever want, I am inconvenienced by the fact that they stock the cabinets with small coffee cups and now I actually have to get up to get a refill.....myself. Gees.

The point to my rambling today careful who you judge and for what. Or better yet...just don't do it at all. Because that same woman with the designer shoes and 4 carat diamond earrings just might be the very same woman who just donated a pint of blood that saves your life...or that she gives anonymously so children in the inner city can have clothes for school.

Now....who wants more coffee? :-)


Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is so cute! :)

Justin and Jenn said...

Thanks SO, SO much for stopping by my blog & leaving such a great comment. I'll definitely be back to yours- it's adorable!

The Wife in Stilettos said...

I love your blog... and I love how you say "Married and Lovin' it!"

Just got married too! And lovin' it more and more each day!

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

This made me laugh because I'm SO paticular about my mugs! I have so many different kind in my cabinet and I use whichever one I'm in the "mood" for :)