Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it just me or are addicted to Cash Cab too?

I've never really been a Game Show Junkie but I do love one in particular – Cash Cab!! I am addicted to this one. It's become a ritual for me and the hubby - which means it's scheduled fun - so that counts as a date, right? HA! makes me happy – like, strangely happy. Unsuspecting passengers get in, what looks like, a typical New York yellow cab. Ben Bailey, the taxi driver, ducks his head a bit making him appear to a hunched over old man, greets them in one of his many fake accents and right when they are settled in for the ride….BAM – flashing lights come on overhead and Ben turns around and cheerfully announces “You’re in the Cash Cab….a game show that takes place right here in my Taxi!” And I can’t wait to see their reactions. Some know the show well and are just giddy with excitement while others look suspicious and question the validity of this bizarre situation. It’s these skeptics that I enjoy watching the most. At times they look guarded and even annoyed but agree, sometimes condescendingly, to play Ben’s little game. The questions start off easy and the captured contestant typically answers the first few correctly and…”well, that was easy”, you can see them say to themselves but they are not yet fully engaged to the point of outright fun. Yet, as they weave through the city traffic and the random trivia questions proceed to get a little more challenging their body begins to engage with their minds. Their expressions turn from sophisticated to silly and then they’re hooked! They’re happy…I’m happy…it’s another win/win. Even when they lose….Ben manages to make them see that the FUN was the game itself. I love fun!! :-)

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