Sunday, February 22, 2009

Commercials WORK!

I saw this on TV last night...I will own one by tomorrow!
A case of advertising dollars well spent! Good job Revlon.

No way was I going to buy "The Ped Egg" even though I needed one. I don't know why - maybe because "As seen on TV" makes me skeptical from the get-go or maybe because I just can't grasp the image of an egg on my foot being a good thing. I'm funny about eggs. I like eggs, don't get me wrong. But when I see that commercial where the woman proudly proclaims she only uses the BEST eggs for her son, uh-hem...."The Chef", and then she presents a plate of BARELY cooked eggs where the yolks look exactly like they do when they first hit the frying pan, I want to gag. In fact, I have to look away because, in that case, the commercial makes me want to NOT buy eggs. I think she should leave the cooking to the chef. But I loved eggs (especially in a cake!) long before that visual assault so I resort to my own internal commericals where eggs are involved....and they are yummy.

I will have more to say about commercials next time but for now - can someone tell me where my Geico Gecko went??
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