Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Engagement Anniversary to ME (oh..and him)

My hubby is crazy or as Holly Hunter said in "O Brother, Where Art Thou" - he's 'bona-fide'! A certified, bona-fide crazy man! I fell in love with this man as soon as our cosmic comic sides collided. He makes me laugh...a lot! And he thinks I'm a hoot! Now granted....not everyone finds the humor in many of the things we think are so funny but we think they're the misfortunate ones. So - here's my point. Today is the celebration the day he proposed to the parking lot of the Quick Trip Convenience Store. WHAT?? Not romantic?? I beg to differ. You see....we had developed this routine of going to the QT on Wednesday nights to get a cup of cappuccino - mmmmm......self served, piping hot right out of the convenient nozzle (thus, the title "Convenience" Store). We talked about getting one of those fancy cappuccino machines where we could brew one for ourselves any time day or night.
So - it was another Wednesday night and I plopped myself down ( can take the girl out of the country, but....) in the soft leather seats of the passenger side of his very pretty European car. It was a beauty - well, he loved it - I couldn't understand why he didn't just want a pick-up. :-) When we got to 'our' QT he put the car in park and I opened my door. He said "hold on just a minute...I've got something for you". NOW...what do you think I thought he had for me? Two days before Valentine's Day?? YES - I thought he had truly bought me my very own CAPPUCCINO MACHINE!! I was so excited!! And then.....well, the rest of the story is history. I still call my diamond ring my cappuccino machine. And we laugh. And other people still don't get us!
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